Facility Rentals

Zandri’s Stillwood Inn is available for rent!

Whether you're interested in weekdays, weeknights, or weekend hours, we are available.

Our room can accommodate up to 500 people at once or 200 on each side if an aisle is needed or a split for separate meetings and dining areas.

We can also offer a podium with a microphone, projection screen complete with an overhead projector, surrounding televisions, and a public address system with wireless microphones.



Zandri's Stillwood Inn is available for Trade Shows, Meetings, or Seminars where no food is needed or required.

Rental Only


Zandri's Stillwood Inn is also available for Ethnic Receptions or Weddings where you and your guests can enjoy the perks of our facility and still keep the tradition with your own Ethnic Caterer. 

Ethnic Reception Rentals

Ethnic Wedding Reception Rentals






All above menus are catered to specifics for customers as listed above or that require food which is outside of Zandri's Stillwood Inn's expertise. Zandri's reserves the right to distinguish when and how these menus apply. 

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